12) If you want to run TeamSpeak when the install is complete check the Run Teamspeak client box.  Click on Finish to complete the client installation.
11) Choose a name for your Start Menu folder (default is TeamSpeak 3 Client) then click Install.  This will load the Teamspeak client on your computer.
10) Optional - Choose to install TeamSpeak Overwolf (click on "Install Overwolf" box) or not (just click on next)
9) Choose a location to store the TeamSpeak configuration file on this computer and click next
Use the default setting for the next several  choices if you aren't sure what to select
8) Choose where to install the TeamSpeak  client on this computer and click next
7) Choose who may use TeamSpeak on this computer and click next
6) Agree to the terms of the License Agreement and click next
5) Click on next to begin the client installation
If you save to your computer double click on the saved installer file to begin the installation
4) Choose to run the client installer or to save it on your computer
2) Click on "Free Download" link
3) Select the client download option for your operating system
1) Go to www.teamspeak.com
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TeamSpeak Install Quick Guide